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November 16, 2011

Cost of Chicken Cartoon. Do you know the true cost of your food? What’s its price? Where does it come from? Who grows it? How’s the quality? Are you eating good food? We want to know! Some food is grown on small farms... Some food is grown by giant agri-businesses... Some food travels half-way around the Earth to get to our dinner table. Some was grown locally, by people we might even know!How was your food grown? Do you care? Many things can happen before your food gets to your dinner plate! The bigger the farm, the farther food has to travel, the more hands it passes, the more possibilities to lower its final quality. Depending on where in the world you live, you will pay more or less for the same chicken! It’s not only where you live, it’s also where you buy! Food prices go up and down depending on your neighborhood and the store you shop at. The cost of food depends on: 1. How good it is. 2. Where it is sold. 3. How far it had to travel to get to you. 4. Where it was grown, by whom, and how expensive it was to produce. We are two high school kids from San Francisco and we are doing a bit of food anthropology. We want to know what food costs where YOU live! We want to learn if everyone has access to good quality healthy food. And if not, why not? How can we fix it? We hope people around the world will help us collect data on the food price, quality, place of origin, and where it was sold. We believe we can save our planet by buying locally grown, high quality, and environmentally friendly food!

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