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Social Supermarkets

With economy in bad shape, Greeks are taking food and food insecurity into their own hands — Social Supermarkets! The basic idea is to feed families who can’t afford to buy enough food and have to go without — hungry. People who can, donate food to the Social Supermarket in their community. Those who need the food go “shopping”. Sometimes, neighborhoods grow their own food and contribute part of the harvest to the Social Supermarket in their area. Here’s the story: Ingenuity and allotments provide relief in Greece.

Here is San Francisco, we have food centers which do something similar. People who can, donate food, and those who need it, get packages of food that help tie things over, reducing food insecurity.

We posted a TEDxManhattan video about people growing food and donating the extra that they can’t eat to those who need it: Changing the Way We Eat — TEDx Manhattan. It all makes sense!

Cost of Chicken on TEDxSilkRoad

Cost of Chicken was mentioned on TED!

Here it is:

Changing the Way We Eat — TEDx Manhattan

This is a cool TEDx talk about setting up a sharing mechanism to allow people who grow food in their gardens to given away the extra: to give the food that would be thrown out to someone who is hungry!

Watch the video or visit Ample Harvest website!