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Ushahidi Community Leaders

Ushahidi Community Leader BadgeThis month, Tim and I were named the Ushahidi Community Leaders! This is a true honor and we are now members of a very distinguished group! Thank you Ushahidi team!

Current CrowdMap Numbers

This is just a quick update on our CrowdMap — a visual tour of the data…

2012-10 World Cost of Chicken CrowdMap

2012-10 Europe Cost of Chicken CrowdMap

2012-10 SF Cost of Chicken CrowdMap

Cost of Chicken Presentation at the California Science Teachers Conference

California Science Teachers Association LogoI’ve presented our project at the California Science Teachers Conference on October 19, 2012, in San Jose California. The teachers gathered for an evening discussion on the use of social media in science education. I talked about our CrowdMap, Ushahidi, and how our data can be used in a classroom. Below are some photos of the event. We also watched a few Green Ninja videos — a San Jose State University project teaching kids about conservation.

My presentation is linked below.

Nick Werby at the California Science Teachers Conference

Nick Werby at the California Science Teachers Conference

Nick Werby at the California Science Teachers Conference

2012-10-18 Cost of Chicken Slide Show

2012 10 18 Cost Of Chicken Slide Show Compressed from OlgaWerby

Rising Prices of Chicken in UK

BPC warns consumers of chicken price rises — yet another article and warning about the rising costs of food and chicken in particular. This time, the people of UK are warned to expect to pay more for chickens due to high cost of chicken feed, which has risen due to a bad harvest this year.

I hope people in UK will use our crowdmap to track the rising chicken inflation.

Chicken Inflation

chicken Inflation illustration from the Iranian.comOn August 8th of 2012, Meir Javedanfar wrote an article about the rising price of chicken in Iran (I just saw the article today!): The Price of Chicken. The article links the rising price of chicken (and other foods) to politics:

The supreme leader could, for example, blame the price of chicken — which has tripled since last year — on sanctions that the U.S. and the European Union imposed to deter Iran from continuing its nuclear-fuel plan. Yet that would mean admitting to both the West and ordinary Iranians that sanctions are having a big impact, something the regime is desperately trying to avoid. Iranian officials have instructed the news media not to discuss the effect that sanctions are having on the economy.

Perhaps, people in Iran can track the price of chicken around the world using our crowdmap?

Wasted Food

There was an amazing article on CNN today: Moldy matters: How wasted food is destroying the environment.

A third of all food products worldwide go uneaten! — from a 2011 U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization report

We’ve been collecting data on the food people buy, but it is equally important to keep track of the food people waste! Please read!

Also, we’ve entered the data in the article into our Crowdmap:

Cost of Chicken Video

So here it is: The Cost of Chicken video! This is our 2 minute video submission to the EDF Sustainable Design Challenge. All the kids you see in this video worked hard to make this project happen!

Over 200 Food Reports!

Today, we’ve reached 200 reports! Thank you all!

2012-02-20 200 Reports Map

Cost of Chicken on PBS!

Heather Leson, a Ushahidi evangelist, liked our project! She interviewed our mom and Ms. Leson’s article, which featured the Cost of Chicken and other cool crowdmaps, was featured on PBS. Hope this results in tons of data points! THANK YOU!

Data Visualization from the Cost of Chicken Crowdmap

This is pretty cool — it shows all of the reports submitted to the Cost of Chicken crowdmap so far…

2012-02-17 Cost of Chicken Data Visualization