We’ve Been Accepted into 2012 EDF Sustainable Design Challenge

January 2, 2012

EDF Sustainable Design Challenge Tag

We’ve been officially accepted into The EDF Sustainable Design Challenge: Encouraging Responsible Energy Behavior for Better Living. This is exciting! And it allows us to expand on our past year’s work, thinking about food production, supply, delivery, availability, and affordability for people around the world.

We’re lucky — living in San francisco, we have access to great food and our family can afford to buy it. But there are many places around the world where food is either unavailable or too expensive. Just across the San Francisco Bay, in Oakland, there are whole neighborhoods that live on produce from corner liquor stores. These areas are called Food Deserts.The Cost of Chicken project will hopefully highlight the food inequalities around the world. Even this early on in the project, we are noticing that it is very difficult to find where exactly food is produced and how far it has travelled to reach our neighborhood. The Cost of Chicken can be the basis for developing and designing new ways to provide this information to the individuals buying food for themselves and for their families. And as a benefit, we are also getting to know people who help us collect the information via the Crowdmap — kids know and understand food; our project will help kids bond together while learning more about the true cost of food.

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