150 Data Points on Cost of Chicken Crowdmap!

January 19, 2012

Lowell High School Seal Last week, students taking Economics in Lowell High School were assigned to collect some data points for our Cost of Chicken Crowdmap. In just a few days, we have 150 data points! While most are from San Francisco, we do have some food data from Russia and India (and hoping to get more from other countries soon).

The most obvious conclusion from all this data so far is that no one seems to know where their food comes from! It might be that all the data was collected from big cities. But we suspect that food consumers in general have little idea of who grows/produces their food. And the companies that do do the food manufacturing try to high this information. They use cute names on their packaging: “Foster Farms Chicken”. But where is this farm? There are probably many farms that grow chicken to be sold under this name.

And so we are planing on developing a way to track where food comes from — stay tuned for the Cost of Chicken Labs — where we talk about our ideas.

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